Machining Capacity

CNC Machining Centres / Conventional Machining

CNC Machining Centres

The machining centres provide a facility which either operates to compliment and support our turning section or offers an immediately available stand-alone capacity.

Quantity Machines Capacity Weight Special Features
2Dah Lih H630 630mm x 630mm 1000 Kg Twin Pallet Horizontal
1Dah Lih MCV 2100 2300mm x 800mm 1000 Kg 2100mm x 850mm x 760mm
2 Dah Lih MCV 1450 1600mm x 880mm 1000 Kg 4th Axis 450mm max dia Thro
1Dah Lih MCV 1350 1350mm x 680mm 1000 Kg Coolant
3Dah Lih MCV 1020BA 1250mm x 660mm 1000 Kg 4th Axis 360mm max dia
1Haas VF 3 1220mm x 460mm 25 Kg 4th Axis 300mm max dia
1Haas VF 1 660mm x 360mm 25 Kg  
1Hitachi Seiki VMC 700mm x 400mm 500 Kg  
1Lead MCH500D 500mm x 500mm 500 Kg Twin Pallet Horizontal
1Horizontal Borer 1000mm x 1000mm 1000 Kg  
2Fil Universal 1620mm x 520mm 500 Kg  

Conventional Machining

Still an essential part of our operation, producing component datums prior to CNC machining and enabling skilled manual operations to be undertaken where necessary.

Process Machines Capacity Weight Special Features
Milling62m x 1mm 1000kg Horizontal & Vertical
Horizontal12m x 2mm x 2m 1000kg Through Coolant
  • Sawing - horizontal and vertical
  • Horizontal and vertical milling, boring and drilling
  • Horizontal Boring
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